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'The personal is political' becomes true when embracing your identity could put your life at risk

'The personal is political' is a notion that stuck with many. The rallying slogan, made popular in the era of second-wave feminism, expresses the belief that the personal experiences of those within minority groups are rooted in their political situation and social inequalities. During Pride Month, it’s even more important now than ever to consider how this might apply to those who identify within the LGBTQ+ community. The definition of being 'politicised' in this context can be debated, but wh

Findmysexpert founder, Francine Sharrocks, on creating a platform celebrating all forms of sexuality

In today’s modern world, we’re unfortunately still seeing the effects of certain stigmas and a lack of awareness surrounding sexual health and wellbeing support. Whether that’s for those seeking information, advice or learning about their own sexuality, it’s clear that there’s work to be done to shine a light on the range of accessible professional support available to the public. Based in Lancashire, 38-year-old Francine Sharrocks, entrepreneur and founder of, is dedicated to

U.S. Supreme Court To Potentially Reverse Roe vs Wade

U.S. Supreme Court To Potentially Reverse Roe vs Wade Since May 2, 2022, there has been widespread debate and concerns in the U.S. and globally surrounding the impacts of the potential repeal of Roe vs Wade on women’s rights and autonomy. This followed a leaked document by Politico, a political journalism company based in Virginia, USA, which reported that the majority of the U.S. Supreme Court is in favour of overturning its prior verdict. Roe vs Wade refers to a landmark decision made by th

10 of the best clubbing holidays you can go on right now

Exam season is (almost) in full swing but the weather getting warmer and warmer by the day. Students across the country are therefore desperately wishing they were anywhere but the library right now. Counting down the days until freedom, sunshine and completely guilt-free nights out is likely the only thing keeping you going. So, here is a handy list of 10 of the best clubbing holidays you and your friends can start planning for as soon as that last deadline is done (or right now, if you really

It's Time To Rethink The Ethics Of Reality TV

Channel 4’s documentary Jeremy Kyle Show: Death on Daytime analysed the consequences of one of the UK’s most popular reality TV shows – most recently, the suicide of Steve Dymond in May 2019. When a guest takes their life just a week after filming, for a show that repeatedly faced criticism over its unethical nature, we should be urged to investigate the roots of the issue, as clearly changes need to be made. There has long been controversy surrounding famous reality TV shows. Urmi Pandit explor

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